About me


I’m Karalee, and in 2015, I ran away from home. This blog holds the tales of my life-in-progress.

Before I ran away, I was in the throes of a long, semi-respectable career in marketing and communications, with some teaching of college on the side. I squeezed in the kind of writing I wanted to do, the creative sort, when I could. Sometimes, I even managed to have more than me read/see my efforts. I was published (Globe and Mail), produced a one-off a radio feature (CBC Outfront), and had my face on TV a couple of times (CTV, Women’s Channel).

Now in my third life do-over, I’ve abandoned reason and logic (with the full backing of my three adult sons), to put my writing dreams at the forefront, whilst I sort out the who, what and wheres of life in this mama-ran-away-from-home epoch. And yay, I am now well into writing a book about the entire beautiful mess. I am also almost done my MFA, and sure, keeping food on the table remains an ongoing challenge, but hey, there are worse things to fret about.

Thanks for reading my blog and maybe meet you someday.


3 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hey Kar, I just read about your Father’s passing. My thoughts are with you. Fathers are such a significant influence in our life and in a way that is so different from our mothers. I still think of my father 25 years after his passing , and, as weird as it may sound, I awake every few months from a dream in which he is there in colour within arms reach. I wish you the continued peace and grace of the close family and friends you have. Jim


      1. Hi Jim. I remember your dad very well. Thinking of one evening when he stood on the corner of Chopin and Hazelglen Drive, checking the whereabout of his errant son. He looked to my house and saw your car and back he went up the street. So hard to get the head around life’s inevitable endings when those no longer here still live on in memory. Thank you for sharing and your kind words. car


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