Dear Malcolm Gladwell (and me)


So, I started to write about being in New York City last week, for my final MFA residency.

Dunno why, but I decided to shelve a ginormous post that would have also included the story of how I know Malcolm Gladwell (goes back to 2007), for a shorter post, kinda about my video series (and Malcolm). The decision is probably a result of my current locale, Grand Cayman Island, and being warm. All I want to do is lay on the beach, read books, nap, eat and ogle the fantastical turquoise sea. My hostess and host, BFF Leslie and her hubby Paul, encourage such behaviour. Who am I to argue?

Short post it is, then.

Last Wednesday, Malcolm and I met up for chat and tea at the gorgeous Beekman Hotel in New York City. Right at the end of our yak and just as he was ready to leave, I blurted out the following:

“Would you be in one of my videos?”

Sure, he might’ve look a bit perplexed, but he didn’t (seem to) protest when I then asked,

“Do you wanna hear the script?”

He gave me the okay. So I leaned across the table, channeled my ham-it-up self, and read the script I’d written an hour before we met up. I think he laughed or maybe nodded his head??? No matter, I took it as a yes, and being a good sport, he indulged my request, which required him to film me first and then submit to my direction for his cameo performance, a la bossy AK-55 Karalee-style.

And now, without further ado, you can either click the link or watch at the end of the post, the official debut of the Dear Series. The “Dear Malcolm Gladwell” eppie was written and directed by me and edited by Spencer Clerk. Cameo appearance by Malcolm Gladwell.

Hope you enjoy my brand of humour, and I’ll say bye for now until my next post (planning for next week and underway and set in Grand Cayman Island).



PS Full disclosure, the Dear Series was birthed by Sara and Graham last fall as we trudged along the Halifax Boardwalk. If you missed the post about it, here it is again: My 20-something epoch Official credit to the two and note that I will continue to take their concept and run with it.


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