Top Three Likes in Halifax… so far…

Spencer crossing the street

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Pedestrians are pedestrians.

Walkers have this thing here—it’s called the right of way. Cars magically stop. And not only do they stop at red lights, they stop at cross walks too.

Even so, my son thinks I’m gonna get run over. He’s noticed when I’m at a cross walk, I just go, without looking.

—Duh! This ain’t Ontario! Cars stop for pedestrians in Halifax, dude.

Anyway, he’s lectured me a few times about making eye contact with drivers before I cross, to make sure they’ve  seen me.

Look, I’ve yet to have a problem, except for this one time.

See, I sort of figured out you don’t really need a cross walk or  light to make cars stop. If you make like you want to get to the other side of the street, drivers here will just bend to your will—anywhere. So I’ve taken to crossing wherever I wanna cross.

Anyway, this one time, the car slowed down and the driver hung out the window, leaned over to me and politely said, “Excuse me. The cross walk is just back there ma’am.”

I was fine with being told, just not the ma’am part… that made me mad.

I’m passing for a native Haligonian.

  1. On Sunday, I got asked for directions by some cruise ship tourists, and I provided directions the Haligonian way, by walking them where they needed to go, which was Argyle Street. Thank Goddess, I knew where that was because one of my fav eating joints is right next to Argyle Street, Willie’s Poutine…  I recommend the medium-sized pulled pork if you’re ever there. Yum.
  1. A Harbour Hopper was driving down Spring Garden as I was walking on the sidewalk. The tour guide was babbling on, and she swept her arm over my way, and I heard her say, “And Spring Garden is home to all kinds of characters.” I’m now a Halifax character.
  1. I am a card-carrying member of round the corner food co-op, The Carrot. I told them I wanted to do all my shopping there, and they told me to write anything that they didn’t have in the store that I wanted on the chalkboard. I admit, I went a bit ham and filled up the board. Fingers crossed.

I’ve figured out the seasons.

Apparently, there are two of them in Halifax, wet and cold.

I’ve made it through the wet season. It came in various water iterations: torrential downpours, rolling banks of fog, and sauna-like humidity in sweltering temperatures. All human activity during this season involved 24/7 sweating, similar to hot flashes except worse—no breaks.

And FYI… no air conditioning, so in my little basement flat, laundry wouldn’t dry, towels fermented, and fruit flies went forth and multiplied. Clouds of them buzzed everywhere… in, around and in everything. I waged a nightly battle to see if I could finish my wine without a dozen or so of their tiny bodies floating in my glass, taking a bath in my vino.

I came up with two coping strategies: Ice Cream and the beach.

Cold is coming, but it’s not quite here yet. I really hope I figure out how to turn on the thermostat in my flat to get the underfoot concrete floor heating to work.

It’s October, and my dogs are shaking.

PS Next week, you’ll find out about my crazy Thanksgiving weekend, currently in progress.

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2 thoughts on “Top Three Likes in Halifax… so far…

  1. Hi Karalee, Being from Toronto, I am used to jaywalking at my own peril. The first time I traveled to Halifax, I was amazed at how drivers stopped when I stood curbside, waiting for my chance to cross. I’d already be looking past oncoming vehicles for the inevitable gap, not realizing they had stopped or slowed for me, sometimes at their own peril! I have yet to experience anything like it anywhere else in Canada.


  2. True, Halfax is like a game preserve for pedestrians…but danger still lurks. You can be clipped or even killed (it’s happened) by drivers turning left while you’re in the crosswalk. They’re looking for a gap in oncoming traffic, not at you.


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